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New PWR DRIVE Wood Screws From Richelieu

PWR DRIVE Wood Screws

Specially designed for woodworkers and cabinet makers

Montreal—Renowned for providing comprehensive functional hardware solutions to cabinetmakers and woodworkers, Richelieu introduces three new revolutionary wood screws under the brand PWR DRIVE that have been specially designed for woodworkers and cabinet makers. HYBRID, CAB and WMX PREMIUM wood screws offer a perfect finish every time with no pre-drilling required.  
These innovative screws feature a self-drilling point to avoid wood splitting. They are suitable for solid wood, hardwood, MDF and particle board. Use these screws to save time and achieve the perfect finish every time.



A high-quality assembly screw designed for powerful drilling and holding power with no pre-drilling required for a perfect finish. The square drive enables a solid and adjustable fit while the self-countersinking flat head with nibs offers a flush finish.



A superior cabinet installation screw featuring an oversized, flat, self-tapping head with nibs with 4 times the holding power of a conventional screw that sits perfectly flush with the surface. It’s available with two drilling points and in three colors: black, white and zinc.



Designed for durability, strength and smooth performance, this screw features a self-tapping, high-low thread that providesimproved and faster installation. The flat head with countersinking nibs provides a flush finish

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019