Folding Utility Knives With BladeLock Technology

New Series of Folding Utility Knives With Proprietary BladeLock Technology

New Knives Offer Unprecedented Locking Features, Durability and Design Innovations
Across all trades, there is a common tool in every tradesman’s tool bag – a utility knife. Utility knives come in various shapes and sizes and are used to cut a wide range of materials on the job site and in the home. Today, IRWIN Tools introduces the International A’Design Platinum Award winning Folding Utility Knife Series with patented BladeLock Technology – the FK100, FK150, and FK250. Recognized for its “best-in-class” design attributes, the FK Series is durable, compact, and easy-to-use.
The IRWIN® FK Series delivers unparalleled user safety, durability, and comfort. IRWIN’s proprietary design addresses the most frequently cited user frustration – when blades accidentally pull out of the handle during use.  BladeLock Technology further improves safety by providing the user with the ability to change blades only when the release button is engaged and the blade holder is in the 45° open position. Each of the new folding utility knives has a liner lock for safe, one-handed operation and a 16° cutting angle for ultimate comfort and control. No other folding knife offers this level of blade security and user safety. 
“IRWIN’s research shows that the utility knife is the second most important tool to a tradesman, and the biggest frustration and safety hazard on the job is when the blade comes out unexpectedly during cutting. This frustration lead to development of the built-in BladeLock safety feature, which is an important part of all three knife models. But we didn’t stop there,” emphasized Katy Vogl, IRWIN Product Manager. “These new knives are what every tradesman will want in his tool box or pocket, or on his belt clip. Whether you need the compact durability of the FK100, the built-in blade storage of the FK150, or the durability of the FK250 with fold out screwdriver, there is a knife for every tradesman.”
Three New Models: Durable, Compact and Designed for Efficiency and Comfort
Designed with a rugged and robust feel, the new IRWIN FK100 with BladeLock Technology features a compact, durable body design that is lightweight and compact. Comfortable in the hand, pocket or on the belt, the FK100 has a built-in wire stripper, cast finger grooves and trigger-grip handle for greater control. 
The new IRWIN FK150 with BladeLock Technology is a no-nonsense, rugged folding utility knife designed with built-in blade storage that holds up to two blades for quick, on-the-job blade changes. The compact and durable design of the FK150 fits comfortably in the hand, pocket or on the belt. The FK150 has cast finger grooves, trigger-grip handle and delivers maximum durability, reliability, and is easy–to–use.  
For the tradesman who needs a superior utility knife and quick access to his most commonly used screwdriver bits—without the bulk of a multi-tool— IRWIN integrated a foldout screwdriver for 1” insert bits into the new IRWIN FK250 with BladeLock Technology. For added convenience and customization, the FK250 includes built-in blade storage and an additional insert bit storage compartment. The FK250 delivers maximum durability and versatility and is designed with cast finger grooves and trigger grip handle for optimal control.
The new FK Series handles are backed by IRWIN’s Lifetime Guarantee. The FK100, FK150 and FK250 are now available at hardware stores, construction and industrial tool distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada and the MSRP ranges from $10.99 – $15.99.