Woodworking Products From Stockroom Supply

New Woodworking Products From Stockroom Supply

Woodworking Products From Stockroom Supply

Stockroom Supply is pleased to announce it is now carrying these three new products. Stockroom Supply is the exclusive dealer of Digital Woodcarver in Canada and ships nationwide.

Digital Woodcarver

The Digital Woodcarver (photo above) is a brand new to Canada CNC machine. Based in Indiana, Burl, former Wood-Mizer Engineer, developed this high end yet cost effective CNC machine. Featuring a 24"x40" carving area, 5" Z axis height and an optional 4th axis, this CNC has all the features of machines double its price. Recently well known YouTuber Laney Shaughnessy has been brought on board as the design expert. With every purchase of a DWC, Laney provides new customers with 2 hours of free training on the design and controller software as well as ongoing support. 
Finally… dust collection for the drill press! Introducing the Drillnado to Canada! Its housing is expandable (and collapsible) and sustains the desired length, you can position the vacuum opening directly above the point of the drill bit where the dust is created. Because Drillnado surrounds the drill chuck and drill bit, it collects nearly all of the drilling debris and dust(98% in our studies).

Muscle Chuck

Muscle Chucks
The Musclechuck assembly makes fitting and removing cutters a pleasure with all forms of routing. With one quick turn of an Allen screw bits can be changed easily and accurately. You only need a batch of work involving frequent cutter changes to appreciate its benefits. Great for CNC machines!
Wednesday, December 21, 2016