Nova Infinity Quick Change System Looks Aftr Nova Owners

Nova Infinity Quick Change System Looks After Nova Owners

NOVA, the leading innovator in wood turning previewed the new NOVA Infinity Quick Change System at the AWFS in July, to a great reception.  
One of the key features of this unique, patent pending, world leading technology, is that is not simply a chuck, it’s a complete system, with direct benefits to existing NOVA owners as well as new chuck buyers.
So, not only do users get the incredible quick-change technology, but also the design potential of the full seamless range of accessories, and the much improved strength and safety aspects of the NOVA design.
All of which are radically new aspects for the market and quite different to any other chuck brand. The unique manufacturing process used in producing the Infinity is very different from the standard NOVA range of chucks and accessories and involves complex equipment and finishing processes, just as you would expect from a leading technology innovator. 
But where Infinity really shines is in its attention to the current NOVA user. As NOVA is the leading brand of chucks in the market, with many hundreds of thousands of chucks in use, they have recognized the requirements of the turners, with designing a total Infinity system, and have provided them with two very unique and cost effective ways to upgrade. 
With the simple addition of the Upgrade Jaw Slides (8100), existing NOVA chucks can be upgraded to the Quick Change technology, and with the use of the Retro Fit Kit (8200) customers favorite conventional NOVA accessories can be kept and used on Infinity, to make their older accessories quick change. NOVA is the only brand to provide this upgrade benefit. 
In addition, the chuck pricing is based on various options, ranging from the body only; so that existing NOVA users can choose a full chuck option, through to a full chuck and jaw option. Plus of course the Infinity Upgrades and Retro Fit Kits, giving the Infinity system a price point to suit most budgets. This delivers incredible flexibility and versatility, making the NOVA Infinity Quick Change system a unique addition to any workshop.
Suggested retail price is USD$299.99 for the SuperNOVA2 Infinity Quick Change Chuck, USD$119.99 for the Infinity Upgrade Kit for existing NOVA Chucks, USD$39.99 for the NOVA Infinity Retro Fit Kit and ranges from USD$69.99 through to USD$134.99 for the Infinity Accessory Jaws. 
The NOVA Infinity system is available from January 1st in the USA, and shortly after in other markets. Pre-orders are now being taken through your usual NOVA dealer.