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NWS Tools

The German firm NWS (Nöthen Werkzeuge Solingen) makes tools that are widely recognized in Europe for exceptional quality and performance, but are little known on this side of the Atlantic. Their products are made to rigorous standards using premium materials and advanced manufacturing processes, but it is the innovative engineering that truly sets them apart.
Each tool is a careful refinement of a conventional design, integrating new features to make it more effective and efficient to use. The pliers, cutters and wrenches are made of hardened tool steels with further induction hardening of cutting edges. Metal surfaces are treated with a durable PTFE coating to resist wear and corrosion.
Most models have broad, contoured handles with grips composed of three different materials, creating a balance of cushioning for comfort, texture for grip and rigidity for support. This, combined with a remarkably smooth hinge assembly, lets you use the tool for longer periods and apply greater hand force with less strain or discomfort. Outstanding professional-grade tools.