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The Ottawa City Workshop


The Ottawa City Woodshop will be a fully equipped membership based woodshop located in downtown Ottawa that provides access to professional grade woodworking equipment, space, and education in an inspiring location. With a specific and rigorous focus on woodworking, the Ottawa City Woodshop is well positioned to fill a unique need in the city’s growing creative industry.
It will serve Ottawa’s creative community by providing much needed access to the resources, opportunities and communities necessary to build a culture of woodworking and create commercial opportunities for current and future woodworkers in the city. By emphasizing the use of local and heritage materials, the Ottawa City Woodshop will have a distinct local feel and will be a strong advocate for supporting the local creative economy.
The broader goal of the Ottawa City Woodshop is to stimulate the creation of and become home to an emerging urban woodworking community. It will inspire urban residents to discover woodworking in an accessible, inspiring and safe environment that enables collaboration, education and manufacturing opportunities for creating wood products. With a specific dedication to wood, it will cater to both professional and amateur woodworkers through memberships, workshops, and education opportunities.
Currently, a number of key partnerships have been formed with local organizations interested in supporting the vision of the Ottawa City Woodshop.
Monday, March 16, 2015