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Using the Q5 Platinum Turbine Variable Speed Control Dial

The Q5 PLATINUM Turbine, from Fuji Spray, is equipped with a Variable Speed Controller to adjust the speed of the motor. The user now has the ability to adjust the psi/cfm to the optimum needed to perfectly atomize the materials being sprayed, while also reducing over-spray to a minimum. To decrease air pressure, simply turn this dial counter-clockwise. To increase air pressure, turn the dial clockwise. Read more
Pro-Cut 50 Professional Next Generation Table Saw

It's time for a change! Conventional table saws have been around for years and have been virtually unchanged from the original design.  There are a number of challenges when using a conventional table saw that many people have struggled with and tried to improve over the years.  A conventional table saw is good for rip cutting boards and panels, but depends on the operator to feed material evenly and tight against the side fence to produce straight cuts. This product is no longer available

Top Mistakes People Make When Choosing Paint Colour

Does the thought of choosing a paint colour turn you yellow with fear? You’re not alone, according to leading paint brand Dulux Paints. Feedback from employees at the brand’s 250 stores across the country indicates that paint colour selection is the biggest challenge consumers face when undertaking a paint project. Read More