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2015 Colour Palette All About Self Expression: CIL Paint
TORONTO, Sept. 11, 2014 – According to CIL® paint, 2015 is all about letting loose – at least in your home. That’s because next year’s trend in home décor is all about self expression, highlighted by a paint palette that is filled with colour-combination possibilities for every taste.
“The home is a refuge and the one place where we can truly express ourselves,” said Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, in unveiling the brand’s top colours for the year. 
“Next year’s colour palette can be likened to an artful collage dominated by rich, bright tones and supported by saturated, nature-infused neutrals – intended to be used together in creative ways according to people’s individual preferences,” Goldman said. “Like the styles we’re seeing on the fashion runways, the home décor trend in 2015 will be all about mixing, not matching, and anything goes.”
Citing ocean blue as the standout colour of the year, she said the 2015 colour palette should be used as a starting point and adapted to personal tastes. In particular, here’s what’s trending in each colour family and where those colours best fit in terms of décor style, according to Goldman:
Blues: Next year’s popular blues are neither too dark nor too light; rather, they are mid-toned. Think crisp, clear sky and sea: the shade of worn jeans. Upbeat and fresh, these blues are best suited for those who have a classic or traditional décor taste, especially when paired with light and dark greys and tans. The CIL brand’s top blue pick for the year is Hidden Harbor (70BG 32/238).
Reds: Berry red – reminiscent of ruby slippers, Valentines and lipstick – will continue to accent home décor in the year ahead. Infused with energy, next year’s glamorous reds – such as Drum Beat (00YR/08 409*) by CIL paint – coordinate well with chocolate brown, cream and tan, and they are fitting for those seeking to create an opulent look.
Oranges: Orange will tone down in 2015, taking on an easier-to-live-with flair. Conjuring up images of autumn leaves, pumpkins and spice, the new oranges – including Indian Summer (30YR 26/330) by the CIL brand – are ideal for bohemian-inclined tastes. They work especially well on an accent wall and can be warmed up with sunny yellow or cooled down with ocean blue.
Yellows: Moving away from the buttercream hue that was popular last year, yellows in 2015 will be strong and dramatic. This vibrant yellow, such as Curry Spice (45YY 62/805*) by CIL paint, can be likened to the colour of a taxi cab, sunflower or happy face, filled with optimism. Geared towards a modernist style, it works best as a pop colour, particularly when combined with grey, white and soft blue.
Greens: Grey-toned pastel green, such as Jade Frost (50GY 53/033) by the CIL brand, will increasingly make its way into home décor in the coming year. Emitting a modern, oceanic feel, the new greens are both soothing and invigorating at the same time, perfect for the naturalist. CIL paint recommends pairing new greens with earth tones and wooden accents to bring comfort to living spaces.
Violets: Lavender will take centre stage in the purple family over the coming year. Think soft pastels, delicate accents, silk fabric, floral patterns and vintage pieces – dream décor for romantics. CIL paint’s key violet for 2015 is Soft Wine (30RR 49/067 SE02).