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PaintLine Products Now Available at


Growing distribution network expands with Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Menlo Park, CA – PaintLine has just announced that Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is now offering the ProDrying Rack EX and ProDrying Rack RR3KD on PaintLine's innovative drying racks, spray stands and accessories help woodworkers, professional painters, remodelers and DIYers maximize the efficiency of their finishing processes by saving time, effort and space.
“More and more woodworkers and DIYers are discovering PaintLine and experiencing easier and faster refinishing and repainting processes when they use our products,” says Kyle Robinson, PaintLine president. “We’re really excited about our new relationship with Rockler, and the fact that the first PaintLine products they’re offering on their site are two of our top sellers.”
ProDryingRack EX (PDREX)
The all new, expandable ProDryingRack stretches from 20” to 60” in width for larger pieces. Fifteen levels hold up to 60 lbs each. Round, 1” diameter removable tubes of 30” lock into place with just a turn (no tools) and if more than the 3” of usable space between the levels is needed, it’s easy to simply remove one of the tubes for 7” - or remove  two for 11” - of drying space.

Clamp levers in the back easily allow the user to expand and contract the rack before loading and two locking castor wheels provide secure portability.  All metal construction with powder coated finish, the ProDryingRack EX is a true workhorse for any painter, cabinet shop or serious DIYer.
ProDryingRack (RR3KD)
This 50-Shelf Drying Rack is a workhorse in any shop or job site.  Each shelf holds up to 25 lbs and can be rolled to the next production station or out of the way when fully loaded.  The RR3KD takes 200 square feet of drying surface area and reduces it to 6-1/2 square feet. It assembles and disassembles with just four bolts and features all steel construction with a powder coated finish.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019