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Peel-and-Stick Wood Veneer Available in a Wider Variety

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Troy, MI - October 28, 2014 - Today, one of the easiest wood veneer application methods is performed by using pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) or peel-and-stick backing. Especially useful for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, PSA completely eliminates the hassle of evenly applying glue to the veneer and/or the substrate.
Recently, Oakwood Veneer Company of Troy, MI has begun providing customers with the option of special ordering any one of their wide selection of wood veneer species to a PSA backing with only a 2-3 day timeframe before shipping.
"We've had around 20 peel-and-stick veneer species in-stock for same day shipping for a while now," said Peter Rodgers, Oakwood company president. "But now, any of our 300 plus veneer species that are available as a 4'X8' or 4'X10', or even as a cross-grain 8'X4' or 10'X4', can be ordered as a PSA veneer with only a couple days of waiting before shipment."
Oakwood expects this new option will have appeal for higher end installers, who until now, would have been unable to find luxury veneer species, such as figured eucalyptus or birdseye maple, with a peel-and-stick backing.
Woodworkers and other veneer buyers can find out more information by checking the Oakwood Veneer website or by calling 800-426-6018.