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This unusual coin box is made from six pieces of solid wood.

Unlike most puzzles in this series, we have to reveal the solution to you before you actually build the puzzle. That is because the solution to the puzzle is linked with its construction.

Once the project is complete and assembled, the object of this puzzle is to open the bank to get to your money.

Cut out six pieces of solid wood as shown.

At the ends of each piece, cut 1/2"X3/16" dadoes.

In the middle of one of the pieces, cut a coin slot 1/8"x2".

The construction secrets that others won't know are these: One of the six pieces has a bevel cut between the dadoes (on each end); its mating piece has a deeper dado at one end.

Now that you know the secret, try building one yourself. When you have completed your puzzle bank, give it to a friend. Then watch just how easy it is for them to save money!

Rea Gibson
REA GIBSON owns and operates Forest Hill Studio and is the author of The Wooden Puzzle Book. He lives in Mount Forest, ON

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