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Egg Puzzle

We all learn early in life that birds and fish come from eggs. So let’s have some fun with that knowledge and see how many birds and fish we can get out of this wooden egg puzzle.

This is a simple, yet entertaining puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to make the bird and fish shapes (as shown) from pieces of the egg.

Find the solution here.

Reduced by 50%


This egg is made from solid cherry ¼” thick. It is 5” wide and 7” long. The tray is ⅜” thick, 6” wide and 8” long. This is a great puzzle for the toy box or the classroom. There are dozens of other bird and fish shapes that can be devised from this egg. Just use your imagination.

The solutions for this puzzle will be shown in the next issue.

REA GIBSON owns and operates Forest Hill Studios
Rea Gibson
and lives in Mount Forest, Ontario.

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