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Fireplace Screen

Illustration by Mike Del Rizzo

I use pine to build my screens because it is easy to cut with my scroll saw or jigsaw. Begin by planing the pine boards to 1/2" thickness. Then cut the two sides and middle panels to the lengths you will need. Cut the top curved edges with a scroll saw. The two side panel patterns are each made up of pattern A and pattern C. The centre panel pattern is made up of pattern A and pattern B.

Trace the patterns onto the appropriate panels and cut them with a jigsaw or scroll saw. I used a Canadian Tire Spin Saw and it did an excellent job.

Cut two lengths of the 3" wide piece to fit the length of the two edges of the middle panel. Glue them in place using dowels or biscuits. Sand all the pieces and cut out the edges to a smooth surface.

Screw hinges on the back side of the middle and side pieces about 5" from the bottom and 5" from the top of the longest side.
Scan 1 copy
Scan 1


To finish the screen I apply one coat of Minwax Pre-Stain Conditioner, followed by one coat of Minwax Cherry Stain, because it gives a beautiful gold coloured finish. When dry, I apply three coats of Varathane Satin Finish, sanding lightly between the second and third coats. Once the Varathane is dry I finish off with an application of Pledge to polish the surface.

Don't forget to glue the adhesive backed pads on the bottom of each piece.

Therese Riley

Ottawa, Ontario

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