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Give Me Your Heart


For woodworkers who like to give their sweetie something different, this project is for you. The object of the puzzle is to remove the heart with the hole from the rest of the puzzle.

To make this puzzle begin by drilling two 3/8" holes in the beam and a 3/8" hole in one of the hearts. Then thread the rope through the holes as shown in the picture and glue and nail the end of the rope into 1/8" holes.

Find the solution, as well as the solution to last issue's Whale Trap puzzle below! 

Rea Gibson


Solution to the Give Me Your Heart Puzzle:

Grasp the loop that comes through the centre hole and force it through the bottom hole.

When a good sized loop is through the bottom hole, push the heart on the end of the cord through this loop. This will release the heart with the hole when the cord is pulled back through the holes. 

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