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Wooden Puzzle:  The Magic Square puzzle originated in China more than 3,000 years ago.


Magic Square Puzzle

The object of this puzzle is to arrange the nine tiles (numbered 1 through 9) so that each row, column and diagonal adds up to 15.

These tiles are made of ¼" cherry and cut into 1 ½" squares. The tray is ½" x 6" x 6".

The tray can be made in a number of ways. This one was routed out with a straight bit.

The squares can also be numbered in various ways. These numbers are stick-ons from Letraset, but you could also burn in, or paint on the numbers.

For those people who would like to try a more challenging puzzle, try a 16 tile puzzle with 4 tiles in each direction. The tiles would then be numbered 1 through 16 and should add up to 34 in all directions.

Solutions to these puzzles will appear in the next issue.

REA GIBSON owns and operates Forest Hill Studio.
Rea Gibson

He is also the author of The Wooden Puzzle Book.
He lives in Mount Forest, Ontario.


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