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Sandwich Puzzle

The object of the sandwich puzzle is to assemble the 6 inside pieces so that they fit neatly between the 2 outside pieces.

This is an opportunity to use up some small pieces of scrap wood to make an interesting puzzle.

To make this puzzle it is best to use wood with contrasting colours.

• Cut out the sides and inside pieces.

• Lay out the hole and dowel centres (Fig.1).

• Drill 5/8” holes through the nine centres of the outside pieces. Drill the 5/8” holes through the inside pieces (Fig. 2).

• Drill 1/2” holes half way through the inside pieces to fit the 1/2” dowels - A Forstener bit makes a nice job of these holes because it makes a hole with a flat bottom.

• Cut out the dowels and glue them into place (Fig. 3).

• Cut out the puzzle stand.

• Glue the dowels (Fig. 4).

A varnish and wax finish will give you a puzzle that will be fun to have for many years. 

Find the solution here.


Rea Gibson
REA GIBSON owns and operates Forest Hill Studio and is the
author of “The Wooden Puzzle Book”.
He lives
in Mount Forest, Ontario


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