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Star Puzzle


 8” x 8” ¼” plywood
2 (A)3/8” solid wood
2 (B)3/8” solid wood
1 (C)3/8” solid wood
1 (D)3/8” solid wood
1 (E)3/8” solid wood
The object of this puzzle is to fit the seven pieces together, so that they fit into the outline and form a star.

The easiest part of this puzzle is the making of it.

With a scroll saw, cut the star shape out from one of the pieces of plywood.

When the star has been cut out, glue the second piece of plywood to the bottom.

From solid wood, cut out the seven puzzle pieces.

Sand edges and corners, apply finish.

Now all you have to do is fit the seven pieces of wood into the star outline.

It's a lot harder than it looks, but thank your lucky stars that the answer will be in our next issue!


REA GIBSON owns and operates Forest Hill Studio
Rea Gibson

and is the author of The Wooden Puzzle Book.
He lives in Mount Forest, ON


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