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Triangle Puzzle


This is a put-together puzzle that is very challenging.

The puzzle consists of three layers of triangles, and triangle parts.

When solved, the end grain of each triangle (of the top layer) faces the outside of the hexagon (as shown).

Cut The Pieces
Cut out the pieces as shown.
Cut out 12 "A" pieces
Cut out 3 "B" pieces
Cut out 2 "C" pieces
Cut out 7 "D" pieces
Cut out 6 "E" pieces
Cut out a piece of 1/4" plywood, in the shape of a hexagon 4 3/4" wide, for the bottom of the hexagon box and use the "E" pieces to make the box. F, G, H, and J below, are made up from the pieces A, B, C and D, above.
Glue Up
Glue the pieces together as shown in fig. 2.
Glue up 4 "F" pieces
Glue up 2 "G" pieces
Glue up 2 "H" pieces
Glue up 1 "J" piece
Glue up sides and bottom of hexagon box.

Rea Gibson
REA GIBSON owns and operates Forest Hill Studio and is the author of The Wooden Puzzle Book. He lives in Mount Forest, ON