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Ply Veneer Worker Blade

Designed Specifically for Cutting Plywood and Plywood Veneers
This commercial-quality blade is ideal for rip and cross cutting two-sided plywood, whether finished or unfinished. It is also perfect for cross cutting solid woods. In fact, there’s no comparable blade on the market today.
The Ply Veneer Worker (PVW) uses the same high-precision technology that’s behind our popular Woodworker II blade. Designed for cutting wood products only…
  • The PVW’s list price is $23 less than our Duraline Hi-A/T.
  • It delivers flawless cuts without splintering or fuzz. You never have to worry about chip-outs on top or bottom surfaces. No scoring blade is needed.
  • It lasts up to 300% longer between sharpenings. The PVW is made of superstrong C-4 micrograin carbide for extra durability. Like other Forrest blades, it is hand-straightened to ensure perfect flatness and has a side runout of +/- .001.
The PVW is superbly engineered. It features a 10º hook, 70 teeth, and a high alternate top bevel grind. You can count on this exceptional product to give you vibration-free performance and long life. All Forrest blades, including the new PVW, are made in the U.S.A. and have a 30-day, money-back guarantee. So order today from your Forrest dealer or retailer, by going on-line, or by contacting us directly.