Portable VERSASTAND Features 300 lbs. Working Load Capacity

Portable VERSASTAND Features 300 Pounds Working Load Capacity

(Casper, WY) The Woodtek VERSASTAND is one of the most versatile stands you can own. You can take it anywhere, from the shop to the jobsite. Instead of a separate stand for each machine, have one stand that will work with them all, from miter saws and planers to scroll saws and contractor table saws. The tabletop is made of heavy-duty 15-gauge metal with 200 elongated slots allowing the attachment of most any machine base configuration. Four 5/16” diam. x 1-1/2”L carriage bolts with nuts and lock washers are included for securing machines.
The VERSASTAND is compact for storage and portable at only 30 pounds with a handle for easy carrying and transport. The legs fold and unfold with a release lever and automatically lock into place with a 1/2” diameter tapered metal spring pin. Leg reinforcing gussets are made of 10¬gauge metal for additional rigidity and durability. Legs extend and contract with the depression of a 5/16” diameter metal spring pin that neatly seats in any of the six preset holes in each leg for height adjustment. The extension rollers can be inserted into three sides of the VERSASTAND and are extended and contracted with the use of a 5/16” diameter metal spring pin with knobs to lock in place. The roller height is adjustable vertically to 17” above the work surface.
Unit comes completely assembled except for the attachment of the handle and the insertion of the roller extensions. Imported.