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Heavy-duty mobile support for heavy-duty machinery.

Portamate PM-3500 Power Tool Mobile Base

Portamate PM-3500 Power Tool Mobile Base

If you need to constantly move heavy machinery around your shop, then you need a heavy duty mobile base. A good mobile base enables you to move your machinery around easily, so you can get the most out of your shop space. This can be especially important in small shops, where floor space is usually at a premium. 

The Portamate PM-3500 is a heavy-duty mobile base that can accommodate machinery up to 1,500 pounds and from 18-1-4" by 23-1/2" to 28" by 33-1/2"  – which covers just about any machine in a typical woodworking shop. Optional rails extend the capacity to 33-1/2" by 36".

An easy to assemble kit

The kit consists of about a dozen and a half parts that is easily assembled in under 20 minutes. The advantage of putting this product together is that you get to see how well made it is. One of the first things to note is that apart from the wheels, there is no plastic on this mobile base - it's metal all the way. 

Heavy duty parts

The tubular rails are formed out of thick steel for exceptional durability, while the spot welding on the four corner pieces (on which your machinery rests) is nice and clean. The corner pieces have a tough, powder coat finish.

Solid rubber wheels with bearings

There are two stationary and two 360-degree rotating wheels, made of long-wearing solid rubber, with integrated bearings. They not only provide good floor protection, they're quiet, help absorb shock, and are virtually indestructible.

(L) Locking foot lever; (R) Adjustable leveling feet  

Adjacent to the rotating wheels are foot-activated cam levers (orange in the photo above). On the bottom of the levers are rubber leveling feet that can be adjusted to immobilize the PM-3500. It requires hardly any effort to raise and lower the mobile base, regardless of how much weight it's carrying.

You simply flick each of the foot-activated metal levers up with the toe of your boot (which serves to raise the leveling feet off the floor), roll your tool into position, and then press the levers back now to lower the PM-3500 back onto its leveling feet. The transition from mobile base to stable platform is a piece of cake.

In the stable position the PM-3500 is very steady, which is crucial, as you don't want your machine to start skitting across the floor when you're using it.

Premium mobile support

The Portamate PM-3500 is a premium mobile base that is capable of handling just about any shop machine. It's quick to assembly, moves smoothly in all directions, and remains securely in place in the stable mode. Having your equipment on a mobile base makes it so much easier to reorganize the shop, or to temporarily relocate machinery when you need extra space. With the PM-3500 you get the best combination of strength, adjustability, and movability. I can't see that there will be any regrets after buying this product.


  • Capacity: 18-1/4" by 23-1/2", up to 28" by 33-1/2"
  • Max weight capacity: 1,500 lbs
  • Metal foot lever
  • Heavy-duty non-marking rubber wheels
  • Metal locking mechanism
  • 2 point rubber leveling feet
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Optional 36" extension rails
  • Warranty: 1 year
PRICE:$149.00 US
SOURCE:Find a Dealer

Carl Duguay
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