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Ideal for DIYers and woodworkers with small shops who need sturdy sawhorses that can be quickly folded for easy storage


Portamate Portable Sawhorse

A pair of sawhorses is a convenient accessory to have in the workshop, on a job site or around the home. While simple enough to build, sawhorses made out of dimensional lumber can be bulky and heavy, awkward to transport in your vehicle and carry from shop to work site, and they take up precious shop floor space when not in use.
The PM3300 metal sawhorses from Portamate are a convenient alternative to their wooden cousins. Even though they don't have built in handles they're light enough for one person to carry a pair to and from a vehicle or around a work site.

Super compact with the legs folded      
When the legs are folded up against the top each sawhorse is a compact 3-3/4" by 39". Both ends of the top are flat, so that you can store the sawhorses upright and out of the way when not in use.

Legs are bolted to top      
The Portamate is made of 1/16" metal, covered in a powder coated finish. Each sawhorse can support up to 500 pounds (up to 1,000 pounds a pair). The legs are bolted to the underside of the top, and when extended the top of the sawhorse is 32-3/4" from the floor.

Rubber bumpers provide stability  
Replaceable beveled rubber bumpers protect the legs, and help keep the sawhorses from moving about when their being used. I used the sawhorses on a concrete floor and found them quite stable.

Snap pin with legs closed
Snap pin with legs extended
Extending the legs literally takes about four seconds per leg. You simply depress a snap pin and then pull the leg out. Once extended the leg stays firmly in place. To close the leg you repeat the process in reverse.

Mounting holes for adding a plywood top or caps      
While you can work directly on the top surface, I find it a bit too slippery. One option is to attach a non-slip surface to the top. You could use something like the 3M Safety Walk slip resistant tape, which has a gritty top surface and a pressure sensitive adhesive backing. The tape is used to provide a non-slip covering on steps, ramps, heavy traffic work areas and other slippery areas. It's available at most building supply stores.

Slip resistant tape give good grip
2x6 caps protect the metal tops
A better choice, I think, is to cap the top with a piece of 2x6 dimensional lumber or a piece of 3/4" plywood. It provides better protection should you inadvertently saw or drill through a work piece that's placed directly over the top of the sawhorse. If you use this option let the cap extend over the ends by a few inches. There are six pre-drilled holes in the top though which you can attach a cap.

The Portamate PM3300    
When opened, the legs splay out at about 20 degrees, which makes the sawhorse quite stable in use. I find the Portamate to be very durable, and I like the fact that it folds away easily and stores just about anywhere. It goes into a car truck or the back of a truck without taking up a lot of room.
With a sheet of plywood on top, the Portamate makes a quick and easy folding workbench. It could also serve as an assembly table, painting or drying platform.
DIYers and woodworkers with small shops will like the fact that the Portamate PM3300 easily folds up for storage, supports a hefty load — up to 1000 pounds per pair — and is stable in use.



  • 3-3/3" x 39" (folded)
  • 32-3/4" high with legs opened
  • 19-1/4" x 47" footprint
  • Supports up to 500 lbs. (per saw horse)
  • 6 mounting holes in top
  • Tough powder coat finish
  • Folds up conveniently
  • 1 year limited warranty

COMPANY:Affinity Tools
PRICE:$64.99 US
SOURCE:Amazon, Sears
Carl Duguay, October 2012
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