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Pro-Cut 50 Professional Next Generation Table Saw

Pro-Cut 50 Table Saw

Courtesy of Toronto Tool Manufacturing Inc.

It's time for a change! Conventional table saws have been around for years and have been virtually unchanged from the original design.  There are a number of challenges when using a conventional table saw that many people have struggled with and tried to improve over the years.  A conventional table saw is good for rip cutting boards and panels, but depends on the operator to feed material evenly and tight against the side fence to produce straight cuts. You also have to ensure the material is held down on the table top so it doesn't "ride the blade" while feeding. This is true more so with thinner material such as 1/4" plywood.  A conventional table saw also relies on the side fence clamping exactly parallel to the blade. If the side fence is not parallel to the blade, the resulting cut will have excessive “tear out” and also greatly increase the possibility "kick back".  The fact that a side fence moves means it will have some play and a good possibility of error.
The new Pro-Cut 50 is the next generation table saw with many additional features and benefits that addresses the inherent disadvantages of a table saw.  The Pro-Cut 50 rip cuts material like a conventional table saw but, unlike a conventional table saw, the material is fully guided on both sides thus eliminating feed errors. In addition, boards or panels move through the saw with ease on the built-in roller table.  The fence is fixed at exactly 90-degrees to the saw thus eliminating any side fence error as can be experienced on conventional table saws.  For cutting angles you simply tilt the saw to any desired angle. The Pro-Cut 50 is based on Toronto Tool's industrial design where the saw moves along precision guide tracks with adjustable height up to 3-1/2". The smooth movement of the sled includes 8 sealed roller bearings and 4 industrial grade bearing blocks to ensure precise and accurate movement. Rip cutting narrow boards or full 4' x 8' panels has never been easier.  A conventional table saw is prone to "kick back" due to design but the top mounted saw of the Pro-Cut 50 virtually encapsulates your material thus virtually eliminating the possibility of "kick back".  The Pro-Cut 50 comes with the top of the line, premium grade Hitachi C7BMR saw chosen for its quality of construction, power and accuracy.

Hitachi PCC7BMR
  • 7-1/4" Saw Featuring IDI TechnologyC7BMR Technology. 
  • Powerful 15 amp motor to tackle the toughest cutting jobs.
  • Patented IDI (Internal Double Insulation) technology reduces vibration and extends tool life.
  • Bevel capacity adjustable from 0-55° with positive stops at 45° and 55°.
  • Heavy duty die-cast aluminum base with integrated scale provides stability and accuracy.
  • Large all metal levers for adjusting depth and bevel angles.
  • Electric brake stops the blade quickly after the switch is released.
  • Magnesium housing, gear cover, blade cover and lower guard for increased strength and smooth operation.
  • New  ergonomic soft grip handle. 
Cross cutting on a conventional table saw can be a challenge at the best of times and involves moving the entire piece of material through the blade. An uneven feed while cross cutting can cause pinching of the material and most likely result in "kick back". A number of people build a cross cut sled for their table saw that rides in the small grove on the table top. This method generally works for smaller panels and boards but does not work well for larger panels. A good number of people don't even attempt cross cutting large panels on their table saw. They resort to a guide and circular saw. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a sliding cross cut table set up for your table saw, you still have to move the entire sheet. In a lot of cases, the crosscut add-on costs more than the table saw itself and takes up a tremendous amount of floor space in your shop. Cutting wood across the grain in one pass will most likely produce chipping or tear out. This can be minimized by using a quality finish blade with a high tooth count but still doesn't eliminate "tear out" and/or "chipping". The only proven method for eliminating "tear out" or "chipping" is by kerf cutting. A pre-cut or kerf blade is only found on the most expensive table saws.
The Pro-Cut 50 uses an entirely different approach to crosscutting. The board or panel is locked in place on the Pro-Cut 50 and the saw slides through the material on precision guide tracks. No more reaching over the panel or trying to hold a panel square and tight against the side fence while also making sure to keep the panel flat on the table surface so it doesn't "ride the blade" and, at the same time, trying to feed it smoothly into the saw blade.
The Pro-Cut 50 will eliminate "tear out" and "chipping" when cutting across the grain. Easily perform by kerf cutting a board or panel for perfectly smooth cuts. Due to the precision guide system of the Pro-Cut 50, you simply raise the blade of the saw to make a pre-cut or a kerf cut in the board or panel and then lower the blade to complete the cut.  The result is a perfectly smooth cut against the grain on both the top and bottom of any material including hardwood, softwood, veneer panels and melamine. 
By simply unlocking and removing the saw from the Pro-Cut 50 sled and placing the router in its place, you have instantly convert your Pro-Cut 50 from a precision table saw to a full size precision "X" & "Y" router table. The Pro-Cut 50 has the ability to rout in both the "X" and "Y" directions on all projects from something as small as a bread board right up to 50" wide panels. Your material can be of any length in the "Y" direction. Perfect for making your own custom moldings, window frames, small and large cabinet doors, custom table tops, picture frames, fluted rails just to name a few. You can also dado both side panels of a cabinet at the same time on the Pro-Cut 50. This is perfect for exact placement of shelves in cabinets of any height.  Routing cutouts for inlays in any project is also a breeze on the Pro-Cut 50. The Pro-Cut 50 comes with the router insert, router guide stops and panel stops for quick and easy set-up for routing any project. Virtually anything you can imagine can be made using the Pro-Cut 50. The router is top mounted on the Pro-Cut 50 so you can always see the cut in progress. This is a huge advantage over a conventional router table where the router is mounted underneath.  A conventional router table is one dimensional and will only produce cuts in one direction and is also limited in width of cut thus limiting the wide range of uses a router is capable of. The Pro-Cut 50 allows an operator to take full advantage of the router and the countless operations a router is able to perform.  You can even glue another board(s) or panel to the top of your project and continue routing. Great for making true raised panel doors for example.  The Pro-Cut 50 is designed for ease of use, precision and productivity for rip cutting, crosscutting and all your router needs. The Pro-Cut 50 is also designed for easy storage when not in use with fold up legs and wheels.
Toronto Tool Manufacturing Inc. takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of their Canadian made, professional grade products. Once you use the Pro-Cut 50 you will wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner.