Professional 25 Foot FatMax Auto-Locking Tape

Professional 25 Foot FatMax Auto-Locking Tape Rule with a Customizable Hook System

Mississauga, Ontario – October 1, 2013 – Stanley® introduces their new 25 foot FatMax® auto-locking tape rule – model FMHT33338. At the very heart of every professional’s tool collection is a tape rule. Vice President of Innovation Christopher Woolley explained why this tape is unique, “Our engineers are constantly looking for new ways to deliver innovation that matters to our users, and this tape is no exception. We know pros are often on the jobsite measuring with one hand and marking with the other. The auto-locking design combined with professional features such as eleven feet of standout*, help to deliver a solution for the jobsite where we know time is limited and maximizing performance is a must.”
The new FatMax® tape has a blade that automatically locks at the length to which it is extended. When the release button is depressed, the blade retracts. The auto-locking feature allows users to control tape retraction which helps to provide long blade life and reduce the risk of injury. The tape also features a manual mode, a setting used to override the auto-locking mechanism, enabling it to become a traditional retractable tape, by depressing the button and pulling back away from the hook.
Featuring a customizable hook system, users can configure their tape for the right application. Woolley added, “Pros will love our new detachable hook system. They can connect the over-sized hook attachment for framing applications or remove it for standard applications. All of these features plus on board hook storage, for up to two attachments, allows the FatMax® tape to be the most versatile tape we’ve made to date.”
Historically, auto-locking tapes have been popular among DIY users, but this tape offers the features and benefits that professionals have come to expect from the FatMax® brand. The 1-1/4 inch blade touts eleven feet of standout*. The blade is coated in Mylar®** and features BladeArmor® coating for durability and long life. The True-Zero™ end hook provides accurate measurements.
The FMHT33338 will be available in October 2013 in home centers, mass retailers, and hardware stores and will retail for approximately $29.99.