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Recochem Rebrands Solvent LIne as Solvable

Recochem Rebrands as Solvable

Recochem, a Canadian based and privately held company, is pleased to announce that it has a new name for it's line of solvents: SOLVABLE.

The Solvable line includes products such as Paint Thinner, Lacquer Thinner, Acetone, Mineral Spirits, Methyl Hydrate, Xylene, Toluene and Turpentine, among others.

Their new SOLVABLEWORKS website offers the very useful, user friendly Solvableworks Selector Tool, which educates the consumer about which product can be used on the different materials and substances, mitigating the lack of confidence on using a solvent because consumers might not be not sure if the product will damage the surface. All the consumer has to do is say what they want to do, what is the material and  substance they wants to clean/remove (if that’s the case), and the tool will show the products that will be safe and effective.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019