Ridgid 12V Lithium-Ion 3/8" Drill Driver and Flashlight Set

Light weight, light duty drill with 240 in/lbs of torque


Ridgid 12V Lithium-Ion 3/8" Drill Driver and Flashlight Set

The new Ridgid R92008-1 replaces the earlier Ridgid offering, the R82007. These are very much the same drill drivers, with two notable exceptions - a significant increase in torque and a two-speed transmission. Both are welcome enhancements that increase the power and versatility of the tool, but don't sacrifice weight or size.
Ridgid has wisely, in my view, continued with the 3/8" chuck on the R92008, rather than opting for a 1/4" hex drive. For anyone who regularly uses their drill driver for drilling a range of variable sized holes, a 3/8" chuck is a better choice than a hex drive. This is especially important for anyone who has a hefty investment in high quality drill bits.
The 12-volt 1.3 amp-hour batter remains the same. It provides a good trade-off between light weight and long-lasting power. A higher amp-hour rating for the battery would be nice, but then I expect the price would inevitably go up. But, you do get a 30-minute charger and two batteries, so you really don't have to worry about down time.

12-volt 1.3 amp-hour battery
Speed selector switch
The good news on the R92008 is the increase in speed - you now get a dual speed transmission of 0-320 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM - and a doubling of torque - a very respectful 240 inch-pounds. Plus, an 18 position clutch. If you're one of those who leave the clutch set to drilling mode (maximum torque), then the number of clutch positions doesn't matter. I use the clutch frequently, particularly when I need to sink a lot of screws -it keeps me from over-sinking or stripping screw heads. The clutch head is plastic, but does have a metal cap at the end; which is far better than all plastic.

Variable speed trigger and forward/reversing switch
Single sleeve chuck with 18 clutch settings
The R92008 is a tad heavier than other compact 12-volt drill drivers - though by heavier I mean an ounce or so. Not so heavy that you would notice the difference. It's very compact; from the tip of the chuck to the back of the handle it measures 6-5/8". It has a standard LED work light, but lacks an on-board battery power meter and a belt clip. It's also one of the few compact drill drivers that won't stand upright on the battery housing - the front of the drill carries the weight. However, there are protective rubber pads on either side of the drill that protect it when laid on its side.

Metal nose on the chuck
Rubber pad protects drill when laid on its side
As for all cartridge style compact drill drivers the battery slides into the handle. While this is a logical place to put the battery, it has the effect of making the handle chunky. Typically these handles measure about 6-3/8" in circumference, or about 2" at their widest. If you use the drill intermittently, then it isn't likely to be much of an issue (unless you have very small hands). However, when holding the drill for longer than ten or fifteen minutes it begins to become uncomfortable. I'm beginning to like the 'battery under the handle' option a lot more.

The R92008 comes with two batteries, fast charger, and a decent carry bag, plus a compact, 5-3/4" long, flashlight. It generates a fairly bright light (1 watt) and the bulb is rated for 10,000 hours; which means you'll likely never have to replace the bulb. My only caveat is that the flashlight is quite chunky (about 2-1/2" at its widest), so you aren't likely to carry it about in an apron pocket, or tool belt.
The R92008 is very good, dependable drill driver with enough power for a range of drilling and driving tasks, ideally suited for the needs of professional and hobbyist woodworkers and avid DIYers.



  • 3/8" chuck
  • 12V lithium-ion battery, 1.3 Ah
  • 17+1 clutch settings
  • 0-320, 0-1,300 RPM
  • 240 in/lbs of torque
  • LED work light
  • 2.4 lbs weight
  • 6-5/8" head length
  • Limited lifetime service warranty
  • Includes: fast charger, 2 batteries, bag, flashlight

MODEL #:R92008-1
Note: This model has been upgraded to the R92009

Carl Duguay, January 2010
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