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A novel and functional way to support stock when sanding


Rockler Bench Cookies

Non-slip router mats have been around for quite some time. While somewhat effective, I've always found they have a tendency to bunch up on my workbench. They're fairly large (mine is 2' by 3') so it requires that I re-arrange what ever is on my work bench in order to position the mat. As well, they trap a lot of dust, and because of their dimpled surface, removing the dust means picking the mat up and shaking it out, or vacuuming or blowing it away.
The Rockler Bench Cookies are an innovative adaptation of the non-slip mat, with the convenience of being small and having a multitude of uses. The cookies consist of a high impact ABS disc with high-friction soft rubber pads on both sides. They come in a pack of 4 cookies; you'll need all four to adequately support your work piece. One surface grips against the work piece, and the other side against your work surface. What makes these cookies so handy is their height. At 1" thick, they conveniently raise your work piece off the work surface so you can easily and safely rout, scrape, or apply finish to the edges.

Non-marring, non-slip
Best suited when applying downward pressure
You'll want to place the Bench Cookies near the edges, and at opposite ends, of the work piece. The Cookies do an admirable job of holding stock steady, particularly where you are exerting downward pressure. I found that they were more apt to shift when lateral pressure (as in hand planning) was applied.
The other thing to keep in mind is that there is a risk of narrow stock tilting when you apply downward pressure along the edges of a work piece (as when routing a decorative edge). This also increases the risk of the router bit hitting your work surface. It's best to ensure there is no dust under the pads; otherwise there is a tendency for them to move a bit. Tapping the Cookie against a hard surface seems to dislodge the dust (I blow the dust off with compressed air).
I've used the cookies on a work bench, as well as on plywood and MDF, with no apparent difference in their ability to hold fast. I'll continue to use them them when sanding larger diameter stock (panels, door frames and the like). And, when you're finished using them they fit neatly into a drawer or on a shelf. An excellent shop accessory at an unbeatable price.


  • 1" x 3"
  • Anti-friction surface on both sides
  • 4 'cookies' per pack

MANUFACTURER:Rockler Woodworking & Hardware
RETAIL PRICE:$11.99 US (4 pack)
MODEL #:26357
Carl Duguay, March 2010
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