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Rockler Launches Loox LED Lighting System

Loox® LED System Offers Versatile Lighting Solutions, Easy Installation

Medina, MN – Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced Loox LED lights and accessories. The lights offer simple plug-n-play assembly, compact size, and soft illumination which can be used for both task lighting and accent lighting. Because of their low profile, Loox puck and bar lights can be installed under cabinets, inside glass cabinets or drawers, and on the wall to highlight artwork and other fixtures. Installation is very quick, as the lights are surface mounted in the desired location with screws.
"Loox is a sophisticated system of LED lighting that can be installed almost anywhere in a short amount of time," says Steve Krohmer, Rockler's Vice President of Product Marketing. "The puck and bar lights are ideal for many out-of-the-way applications such as the underside of cabinets or ledges, corners, or along the edge of trim work."
Loox lights can be purchased individually or as part of the Puck Lights Kit (includes two Loox 3010 LED Puck Lights, two Surface Mount Rings, two 78'' Connection Cables, and a 30W Driver) or LED Bar Lights Kit (includes two Loox 3015 22'' LED Light Bars with Double-Sided Mounting Tape, 78'' Connection Cable, 30W Driver, and Push Button Light Switch with Mounting Bracket). The Puck Lights are 2-1/2" in diameter and the LED Bar Lights are available in 10", 16", 22" and 34" lengths. All of the individual lights include a 78" connector cable, and require a 30W Driver (sold separately, see 59678 below).
Loox lights and accessories retail for the following prices: 
53106 Loox 3010 24V LED Puck Light, $39.99 each 
54535 Loox 3010 24V LED Puck Lights Kit, $129.99 
59315 Loox 3015 24V 10" LED Light Bar, $35.99 each 
54840 Loox 3015 24V 16" LED Light Bar, $41.99 each 
55942 Loox 3015 24V 22" LED Light Bar, $47.99 each 
58967 Loox 3015 24V 34" LED Light Bar, $59.99 each 
54066 Loox 3015 24V 22" LED Light Bar Kit, $169.99 
59678 Loox 30W Driver for 24V LED Lighting, $60.00 each 
57395 Loox 24V 39'' Extension Lead for Light, $5.99 each 
56279 Loox 24V 78'' Extension Lead for Switch, $7.99 each 
56850 Loox LED Dimmer Switch, $39.99 each 
53213 Loox Door Contact Switch, $14.00 each