Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place: Contemporary Studio Furniture

A compendium of the work from over 100 furniture makers as part of The Furniture Society's 2014 annual conference.

Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place: Contemporary Studio Furniture

Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place: Contemporary Studio Furniture

If you're interested in the kind of work that other furniture makers are doing, then this is the book for you. There are some 250 photographs from over 100 woodworkers – professional and hobbyist members of The Furniture Society (TFS) a nonprofit, educational organization that promotes the craft furniture industry, or what is often referred to as studio furniture making. Apart from publishing books, the TFS hosts various events and conferences across North America.
The genesis of "Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place: Contemporary Studio Furniture" was the 2014 TFS annual conference, the theme of which was exploring and celebrating the role of place in the creative process.

While you'll find photos of work from a few well-known woodworkers, most of the content in this book is from 'regular' woodworkers, just like you and me – people who love the craft, and the risks and rewards that await us each time we step into the shop.

In general the photos are of excellent quality. Accompanying each photo (or set of photos) is a short biography or statement about the crafts person. The dimensions of each piece, along with the primary woods used, is also listed.

Accompanying the selection of work in the book are several essays presented at the 2014 conference. They reflect on the importance of place on the development of the craft furniture industry, and explore how woodworkers can reconnect with consumers in their local communities, while themselves reconnecting with local sources of material. There is certainly more to the "local movement" than just food production.

However, if you feel that the local movement is just hyperbole – nothing more than clever marketing – don't think to pass this book by. You'll miss out on a wonderful array of unique, beautiful, and inspiring furniture. This is the kind of book best savoured with your favourite beverage, in a comfy chair, or supine on a couch. Or, you just might want to root through it when you you're idea bereft. In any event, it makes a great addition to any woodworkers library.

PUBLISHER:Schiffer Publishing 
RETAIL PRICE:$34.99 US (approx $45 Cdn)
FORMAT:Hardcover, 160 pages
AUTHOR:The Furniture Society

Carl Duguay
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