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Royal-Lac Shellac-Based Wood Finishes

San Diego, California – July 28, 2014 – ShellacFinishes is proud to announce their new Royal-Lac™ line of “ready to go” shellac-based wood finishes.
New Royal-Lac wood finish raises the bar in the wood coatings industry by providing the look and feel of shellac with improved flow and level, thus making it easy to apply with a brush, pad or spray equipment. Based on a carefully tested proprietary blend of shellac and synthetic resins, the result is a highly durable product that can stand up against heat, water and alcoholic beverages.
Experienced woodworkers know that shellac has been the woodworker’s choice finish for centuries. The depth, color, and shine produced by shellac is unmatched by modern synthetic finishes such as Polyurethane, Nitro Cellulose Lacquer, or Urethane.  Unfortunately, shellac is often considered less durable than synthetic finishes, and its use on heirloom and high end furniture has slowly declined in recent decades.
Today Royal-Lac shakes up the industry by combining the beautiful look and feel that woodworkers love with a durability that is second to none and competes head on with other synthetic finishes ̶ thus proving you can “have your cake and eat it too!”
Royal-Lac is a proprietary formulation formed by cross-linking shellac with carefully selected synthetic resins to form new polyester chains that combine the look and feel of shellac with the durability of synthetic finishes. Therefore it can be used on any indoor furniture!
“Today I am thrilled to announce Royal-Lac for the many benefits it brings to the market. It is a finish I have been working on for some time now and is not only beautiful but durable and easy to apply.  My customers have been asking for it for years. As a woodworker and an experienced finisher myself, I understand their frustrations and am so excited to finally release the finish they’ve been waiting for.  The ability to offer this new and cost-competitive product is very rewarding,” states Vijay Velji, owner of ShellacFinishes.
Peter Gedreys, a highly respected finisher and frequent writer on finishing in Fine Woodworking Magazine writes:
“As a proponent of shellac finishes, I was impressed with Royal-Lac. The first time I used it, it brushed well and was very easy to apply with a pad. The finish it produces is heat and alcohol resistant.”
Tad Fallon from Fallon & Wilkinson Furniture Conservator states:
“I just had the perfect opportunity for using Royal-Lac. I was on-site in a NYC apartment, and had to polish out a large rectangular antique farm table that had sustained some heat marks and water rings on the top. We cleaned the surface with naphtha, a little water and detergent, and lightly cut the top with 400 grit paper, followed by a light padding with Royal-Lac. The product worked very well, it padded very nicely, had minimal odor, was clear and had a nice sheen. We returned the following week and lightly steel wooled and waxed the top to slightly modulate the gloss. The table looks great, is holding up well and the client is pleased.”
Competitively priced at $22.95 for a 1 pint jar, Royal-Lac is available in the traditional shellac varieties: Super Blonde, Beige, Orange and Garnet; and is available for purchase through the company
Product application videos are also available to demonstrate quick and easy application techniques.
For a limited time till November 30, 2014, ShellacFinishes is offering a $2 discount for each jar of Royal-Lac purchased from Please use coupon code ‘welcome’ during checkout.