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This device extends your options for charging entertainment and communication devices


Ryobi Portable Power Source

The Ryobi Portable Power Source is part of the Tek4 family of cordless electronic tools. As with all Tek4 tools, this Portable Power Sourceis powered by a 4 Volt Tek4 battery.
The Ryobi Portable Power Source (PPS) is a clever device that enables you to use a Tek4 battery to charge a range of consumer electronic devices, including Blackberries, Apple iPods and iPhones, as well as a range of other cell phones, MP3 players and PDAs from the likes of Motorola, Nokia and LG. If it has a USB port then it's likely you'll be able to charge it with the PPS.

The adapter cable and various adapters fit into the USB port under the gray cover
The PPS takes a Tek4 4-volt battery
The PPS is 4-1/4" long, about 1-1/2" in diameter, and weighs approximately 5 ounces (with battery installed). As with most of the other Tek4 products, the case is made of impact plastic and covered with a thermoplastic rubber grip. The battery cover is made of die-cast aluminum. On the opposite end of the battery cover is a USB port with cover, and a green LED light.
Six adapters, and an adapter cable, come with the PPS. Five of the adapters plug into the cable, which in turn plugs into the PPS. The adapter for Apple products plugs directly into the PPS. The USB to MP3 cable that comes with the iPod then connects to the adapter on the PPS.

My LG phone wasn't listed on the accompanying instruction sheet, but it was compatible with the PPS. I let my cell phone battery almost completely discharge and then connected it to the PPS. It took 90 minutes for the phone to re-charge.
Unfortunately, the PPS can't be used 'as is'. You need to already own a Tek4 battery and charger. If you don't own these, then the real cost of the PPS climbs from $20 to $45 ($19.99 for the PPS, $12.99 for the battery and $11.99 for the charger). I think that Ryobi should make the PPS available in a 'kit' that contains all three items. Come to think of it, Ryobi could have also integrated a charger into the PPS, simplifying the whole deal even more.
If you rely on your cell phone, PDA or MP3 player, and constantly find your accessory in need of a charge, then the Ryobi PPS might just be the ticket (especially if you already own a Tek4 device). It's a bit too large to carry around in your pocket or purse, but rugged enough to put into your tool box or glove compartment.


  • 4-1/4" long
  • 5 ounces weight
  • Up to 80 hours
  • impact, dust, water resistant
  • 2 year warranty

Manufacturer:Ryobi Power Tools
Available From:Home Depot
Retail Price:$19.99
Model #:RP4900
Made In:USA
Carl Duguay, April 2010
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