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Built on a 4-Volt platform, the Tek4 system offers a wide range of cordless electronic tools that will appeal primarily to DIYers


Ryobi Tek4 System

The line of Ryobi Tek4 Cordless Electronic Tools is built around their cleverly designed 4 Volt lithium ion battery.
The 4 Volt battery provides roughly the same power as three AA sized batteries (which deliver a combined 4.5V). And, at 1" diameter and 3" long, it's not much larger than a fist full of 3 AAs. Given that a Tek4 battery can be recharged up to 2,000 times, you get the equivalent of some 6,000 AA batteries. For most of us, that's a lifetime of batteries.
Plus you get the advantages that lithium ion batteries offer over NiMH or NiCd batteries: high energy density (for their size and weight they can store more energy than other formats); low discharge rates (they retain their
charge for a longer period than other batteries) and no memory loss (they  always maintain their maximum energy capacity when recharged). At $13 then, these batteries seem like a steal.
There are two battery chargers available for the Tek4 family, a standard version that offers a 3 to 5 hour charge time, and a dual port rapid charger that fuels up the batteries in approximately 30 minutes. Both charges have on-board charging gauges, which show the batteries charge level. The rapid charger also enables you to charge from a USB power source. A number of these tools come bundled with a battery and charger, which offers even better value.

Standard charger
Dual port rapid charger
Currently there are 10 electronic tools in the Tek4 family. Over the coming weeks I'll be shop testing a number of these tools.
While the perception seems to be that Ryobi products are geared to home owners, DIYers and hobbyist woodworkers, the new Tek4 line of cordless electronic tools will likely go some way to changing that perception. Contractors, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and trades people of every stripe will find these tools of interest.

Component Model NumberPrice
4V lithium ion battery AP40001 12.99 
Standard charger AP4700 11.99 
Dual port rapid charger AP4302 32.99 
Portable power source RP4900 19.99
Digital camera RP4200 199.00
High intensity flashlight RP4400 19.99
Audio headphones RP4350 69.99
Motion sensing alarm RP4300 49.99
Digital key lock box RP4310  69.99 
Plumb/cross laser RP4000 129.00
Laser distance measure RP4010 159.00
Digital multimeter RP4020 89.99 
Infrared thermometer RP4030 79.99
AllPlay MP3 PlayerRP451079.00

Manufacturer:Ryobi Power Tools
Available From:Home Depot
Retail Price:from $11.99
Model #:see table above
Made In:USA
Carl Duguay, January 2011
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