SAVAGE Folding Jab Saw/Utility Knife

With a $25 price tag and a limited lifetime warranty, this is a pretty good deal for anyone looking for a combo jab saw and utility knife tool.


SAVAGE Folding Jab Saw/Utility Knife

The SVK666 comes with three saw blades, a utility knife blade, and a fabric storage case that has a metal belt clip and a cloth belt loop, so you can attach it to a belt, or strap of a tool bag. This is a hefty tool, measuring 7-3/8" long (with blade retracted) and weighing in at 11 ounces. The handle is roughly 1-3/8" x 1-1/2" handle at its widest cross-section. The rubber overmold provides a comfortable grip.

Two handed saw blade opening
Opening the saw is a two hand operation, requiring that you press a lock release button located on one side of the tool, and then rotate the blade upwards to one of two positions - with the blade at about a 50° angle, or at 90°. Detents quickly snap the blade into the chosen angle. Once in position the blade is held firmly in place. Closing the blade is a simple matter of depressing the lock release button and folding the blade into the handle.

One handed saw blade opening is not so easy
There is a protruding stud at the blade pivot that is meant to provide an aide in opening the blade. However, I found it awkward to use. Too small and, because its covered with enamel, too slippery.

Easy blade change
Changing blades is a breeze. The SVK666 comes with three 5" blades - a very aggressive 10 TPI blade for pruning, and both an 18 TPI and a 7 TPI blade for wood/metal. One blade is stored on the handle, the other two are stored in the case. Of course, you can use any brand of recip saw with the tool.

Easily opened with thumb
Liner lock holds blade carrier firmly in place
On the opposite end of the tool is the utility knife, which is quickly opened with the flick of a thumb. Once open it's held firmly in place by means of a liner lock — simply a strip of metal that flexes over and butts up against the base of the blade carrier. To close the blade you press against the side of the liner lock and flick the blade into the handle — a quick, one hand operation.

Utility knife change over
Changing the utility knife blade is equally quick. Unfortunately, you can't store an additional blade or two on the handle.

Comfortable grip for such a bulk handle
In use I found the handle to be somewhat bulky, but comfortable to hold. When sawing, the ring and little finger of my hand folded over the protruding edge of the utility knife carrier, which I found uncomfortable. I'm somewhat concerned about the ability of the fabric case to hold up over time, as the slot in which the saw blades are stored is very snug, and they rub against the fabric every time they are extracted. As well, there is no place to store extra utility blades on the case.
Still, the saw and utility knife blades were quick to open, held firmly in place, and blade change over was quick and easy. Coupled with a $25 price tag and a limited lifetime warranty, this is a pretty good deal for anyone looking for a combo jab saw and utility knife tool.



  • 7-3/8" length (closed)
  • Integrated 5" saw blade and standard utility knife blade
  • Thumb operated 2-position saw blade lock
  • 11 ounce weight
  • Includes: case, 3 blades, knife blade
  • Limited lifetime warranty

COMPANY:Swanson Tool Co
SOURCE:Swanson Tool Co

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