Sawstop In-Line Router Table

A thoughtfully designed and well machined table saw accessory for doing precision routing.

SawStop Router Table

Sawstop In-Line Router Table Assembly

MODEL:RT-TGP: Router Table
RT-LFT: Router Lift
RT-DCB: Dust Collection Box
PRICE:RT-TGP: $725.00
RT-LFT: $565.00
RT-DCB: $155.00
SOURCE:Find a Retailer
By Rick Keller

I recently had an opportunity to try the RT-TGP in-line Router Table Assembly, RT-LFT four-post Route Lift, and RT-DCB Dust Collection Box from SawStop. After extensively using the system in my shop, I've concluded that it is a thoughtfully designed and well machined set-up.

There are a couple of details that makes this set-up stand out. First, I like that they offer a cast iron intermediate wing to go between the saw and the router table assembly. This allows you to have a solid cast iron top around 5' wide. I also like that the router lift comes with two different reducer collars, so you can install just about any router that's on the market. The lift takes 4-1/4", 3-1/2", and 3-1/4" routers, which covers pretty much all Porter Cable, Bosch, Makita, and DeWalt routers, plus many others.

I've been a big fan of router lifts for years. They add a lot of functionality and productivity at the router table. SawStop's lift is pretty beefy underneath with four large screws and a chain drive moving the router up and down. The clamp to hold the router is aluminum, and it clamps on the router motor with a single screw, which makes it quick and easy to get the router in and out. If you only have one router motor it would be relatively easy to take the router out to use hand-held. With the included crank handle you can raise and lower the router from above the table, and you can also bring the router collet above the table to allow easy bit changes. I also like that there are different sized insert rings available to fit in the lift. With no insert, I can install a large panel raising bit. With an insert I can use smaller diameter cutters.

The dust enclosure around the router motor is another great idea. I like being able to get all the chips, both above the table through the port in the fence, and below (where most of the chips go) from the dust enclosure. A short hose from the fence connects to the dust enclosure below the top, which has a 4" port to allow connection to a dust collector. There is also a grommet for the power cord to pass through the enclosure, and a remote switch is also included to make things safe and easy to control power to the router.

The RTA is designed to bolt onto any SawStop saw with a 27" deep table (ICS, PNS and CNS models). It can also fit many other saws on the market. Most cast iron table saws are 27" deep so you can put this on any saw. If you have a SawStop ICS or CB model, which are 30" deep, you will need the RT-TFI version, which can also be attached to other 30" deep saws though you might have to drill some bolt holes in the edge of the saw table to facilitate mounting. As with anything with this many pieces, it does take little bit of time to assemble everything, but once assembled, I found that everything worked flawlessly.


Extension wing assembled on the PCS model saw. Two reducer rings are included with the lift to allow mounting smaller diameter routers in the lift.

Optional flip stop available for stopped dadoes, etc.

The underside of the lift has a beefy aluminum casting and chain drive to make it all work.

The router fence is easy to remove from the table when you want to use the full rip capacity of your table saw. It's also easy to put back in place. Just loosen the handles, slide back and lift up to remove, and reverse to re-install. The fence mounts in the slots on either side of the lift.

Remote power switch for safety and ease of operation.

The dust enclosure keeps things clean in the shop.

Mounting the Porter Cable model 690 is easy. The included reducer ring slides over the router, then the router goes into the lift.

The router collet can be brought above the table for easy bit changes.

With the insert ring installed, small diameter bits can be used without the danger of pieces falling into the table. The dust collection also can work more efficiently with a proper sized insert ring installed.

Lift shown with a Porter Cable 690 installed. You can see here how thick the lift mechanism is.
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