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When you need clean, sharp paint lines, this is the tape to use


Scotch Edge-Lock Masking Tape

In general, masking tapes that have medium adhesion can be safely left on most surfaces for up to 14 days before they become tacky and difficult to remove. Tapes with high adhesion can usually be left on for about 5 days. Scotch Blue Painters Tape (#2090) has been the staple for professional painters and avid DIYers for quite some time. It's an all purpose tape that boasts a medium tack with a 14 day day removal time.
Scotch Blue has recently introduced two new upgrades to it's 2090 tape - the Multi Surface 2093 and Delicate Surface 2080 masking tapes. Both of these tapes come in standard 1", 1-1/2" and 2" widths by 60 yard long rolls. The 2093 offers medium adhesion and has a 14 day clean removal time.
The 2080, which is a slightly thinner tape, has a somewhat lower adhesion level, but has an amazing 60 day removal time. As well, it can be safely applied to painted surfaces after only 24 hours curing time. Try this with any other tape, and the freshly painted surface will more than likely peel off as you remove the tape.
To make it easy to distinguish between the tapes that are of a slightly different colour, the model number is printed on the surface.

Multi Surface 2093 (top) Delicate Surface 2080 (bottom)  

The difference between these tapes and the Scotch #2090, is the Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector treatment applied to the surface of the tape. According to 3M, Edge Lock technology incorporates a  new adhesive formulation along with a proprietary treatment that work together to create a barrier that helps to improve paint lines. Whatever the reasoning, it works quite well.

Panel with matte paint - Multi Surface tape on left, Delicate Surface tape on right
Panel with tape removed
I applied both tapes to a birch plywood panel, and then painted the panels with a matte paint. After the paint had dried overnight I peeled the tapes off. The resulting paint lines, as you can see in the photo on the right, above, are quite clean, with no bleeding. I tried this on drywall panels - and got the same clean paint lines. I also applied the tape to painted drywall and wood trim that were exposed to sunlight for several hours each day, and left the tape in place for two weeks. Both tapes removed easily and cleanly without any surface damage.
These tapes aren't inexpensive, but they certainly work well. When you need clean, sharp paint lines, this is the tape to choose.

TypeTape Width
2093 (Multi Surface)$6.99$8.99$11.99
2080 (Delicate Surface)$7.99$9.99$12.99



  • 2093 - Medium adhesion
  • 2080 - Low to medium adhesion
  • 2093 - 14 day clean removal
  • 2080 - 60 day clean removal
  • Available in 1" (24mm), 1-1/2" (36mm) and 2" (48mm) widths
  • UV resistant

AVAILABLE FROM:Building Supply Stores Nationwide
MODEL #:2093 (Multi surface)
2080 (Delicate surface)
Carl Duguay, December 2011
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