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Great for large area sanding of wood and drywall


Sharkee Sander

I like products that are simple to use, effective at what they do, increase my productivity, and have a good return on investment.
Sanding blocks of all kinds have been on the market for quite a few years. Some are designed to be used with cut-offs from 9" x 11" sheets of sandpaper, while others use sanding belts. The Sharkee Sander uses 3" x 21" sanding belts, which are available just about everywhere. If you're familiar with the SandDevil, then you know the Sharkee - they have essentially the same function and a very similar design.

Belt tension lever in the open position - the sanding belt can be slipped over the Sharkee
With the belt tension lever closed the base of the Sharkee is fully extended to secure the belt in place (i this photos the belt is removed for clarity) 
The Sharkee is made of a high impact ABS plastic. You simply side a sanding belt onto the Sharkee. A lever on its side moves the gray coloured base forward to release belt tension, or backwards to lock the sanding belt in place. Once the belt is under tension it is nearly immovable - which means there is no belt slipping or sliding while the Sharkee is being used.

Main 3" x 9-1/2" sanding surface
Mid-sized 3" x 5-3/4" surface
Smaller 3" x 4-1/2" surface
There are five surfaces on the Sharkee that you can use, depending on the surface that is being sanded - the large flat bottom surface, and two flat surfaces on top of the Sharkee. You can also use the rounded ends on the front and rear of the Sharkee for small and large concave surfaces. The three main sanding surfaces on the Sharkee are dead flat, and do an excellent job of removing high spots. Additionally, the sanding belt rests flush with the side of the Sharkee so that you can sand tightly up against vertical surfaces. The wedge shaped front enables you to get fairly close into corners.
While woodworkers will really appreciate the versatility of the Sharkee, The Sharkee is also great for sanding drywall or metal.
At just under $16 the Sharkee makes a great addition to your sanding arsenal.



  • Accepts 3" x 21" sanding belts
  • Quick release lever
  • 3 sanding surfaces
  • Wet or dry sanding
  • Includes: 80 grit sanding belt

MANUFACTURER:Sanding Dynamics Int.
RETAIL PRICE:$15.99 each
MODEL #:None
 Carl Duguay, January 2012
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