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Shop News: The GRR-RIPPER 3D push block is a must-have for any table saw user.

MICRO JIG from Tegs Tools

MICRO JIG from Tegs Tools – Work Safer. Work Smarter.

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The GRR-RIPPER 3D push block is a must-have for any table saw user. It's essential for superior precision, control and safety on your table saw and other major woodworking machinery. Protect your hands like never before, virtually eliminate kickback with unmatched control and guide and rip with surgical precision. The powerful Green GRR-RIP base material gives you a commanding hold over the work piece for total control. Rip as accurate as a 1/4" without readjusting the fence for each cut. Stabilize your cut with the Built-in Balance Support to square your cut and safely handle the smallest pieces of wood when cutting on the table saw or router table. Visit tegstools.com for more information.

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