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Product News: This new box joint and beehive jig from Leigh comes at the perfect time.

Leigh Box Joint

New Leigh Box Joint and Beehive Jig

This new box joint and beehive jig from Leigh comes at the perfect time. People are starting to get serious about helping bee populations survive, and this jig will make the process of building beehive supers a lot easier. And if you're not into building beehives, you can simply use this simple and helpful jig to build drawers, carcases and other pieces of furniture and woodwork in your small workshop.
The B975 specializes in creating 1/2" and 3/4" box joints in material up to 13/16" thick. It can accommodate boards between 2" and 17-13/16" wide, which includes many great options for future projects. A hand-held router can be used with the comb template, or the jig can be set up for use on a router table.
This Leigh jig is very easy to use, yet it comes with a detailed instructional DVD and fully illustrated user guide – it is designed to be used by woodworkers of all levels. To learn more about the B975 and view a selection of videos about this jig and other great Leigh products, visit


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