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Shop News: The latest phenomenon in wood finishing – Hardwax-Oil(s) – have North American roots.

OSMO has North American Roots

OSMO has North American Roots

The latest phenomenon in wood finishing – Hardwax-Oil(s) – have North American roots. Up until the 1970’s, a small German wood manufacturer named Ostermann & Scheiwe GmbH & Co. imported large volumes of finishing products from the USA, which were the inspiration for the products and phenomenon taking the world of woodwork by storm today. Due to the oil-crisis of the 1970’s, fluctuations in exchange rates and long transport times, the concept for manufacturing high quality wood finishes on a natural base was born. After many years of refinement [to the best of German standards] in 1978, the first modern product was produced by Dr. Manfred Feldhammer in Münster, Germany. It is from here that the OSMO brand of Oil/Wax wood finishes was born. The success of these products led to Deckorwachs (Wood Wax Finish), Landhausfarbe (Country Colour) and Hartwachs-Öl (Polyx-Oil). Many years after becoming everyday products utilised by European craftsmen, Dr. Feldhammer’s products are still on the market in Germany to this day. In recent years, due to the demand for eco-friendly products and the increasing ease of global trade, these finishes are now growing very popular. osmo.de/opencms/en/content/Unternehmenshistorie.html

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