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First-of-its-Kind Technology Helps Decor Lovers Show Their True Colours

SICO paint offers tips on decorating with colour with launch of new MUSE paint
LONGUEUIL, Quebec, Dec. 2, 2014 – When it comes to colour, you can never be in too deep. That’s the inspiration behind a unique product from SICO paint that has been launched in response to the growing trend of vibrant home decor.
Called Sico MUSE, the paint-and-primer-in-one product features a revolutionary TOUCH RESIST TECHNOLOGY™ paint innovation that gives colour surfaces unprecedented richness and depth while providing maximum resistance to scratches, marks and stains.
“If you’re going to paint with colour, this is the product to use,” said Mylène Gévry, marketing manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. She explained that Muse paint is Sico paint’s highest quality, best performing and most sophisticated product to date. “Because the product is ultra-smooth and deep in hue, it will add a wow factor and an unbelievably luxurious, fashionable and artistic feel to any room.”
With the tagline “Inspired by the grandeur of your ideas,” the product was introduced to meet increasing consumer demand for high-quality, long-lasting colour-infused paint, Gévry explained. “Bolder colours are more in vogue than ever in home décor – even neutrals are more colourful than in the past,” she said. “This is a clear indication that people are becoming comfortable expressing themselves with colour in their homes, and we’ve delivered a product that enables their creativity to come alive in the most beautiful way.”
Gévry pointed to technology, such as animated computer screens and digital art-infused consumer goods lining store shelves, as the reason people are gravitating toward colour. “As well, from photo-rich social networks to trendy pastimes like digital scrapbooking, consumers are getting used to letting their personalities shine through and it’s spilling over into home decor choices,” she said.

With the launch of Sico Muse paint, Gévry explained that room makeovers are easier – and the results far more striking – when you start with a rich-coloured canvas in place of a blank one. She offered this advice on decorating with colour:
Red. Known to energize and increase appetite, red is a good choice for kitchens and dining areas – particularly warm, brown-toned red, which breathes new life into tired wood or white cupboards. In smaller spaces red works best painted on one or two walls for effect, while in large areas the colour can be featured throughout the room. Coupled with a glitzy glass backsplash, it gives kitchens a modern look, yet appears more traditional paired with faux stone. In a dining room, a red wall paired with creamy yellow-white wainscoting creates an ideal backdrop for a trendy harvest table.
Yellow. With the growing popularity of all things bohemian, bold yellow is making a comeback. Bright, warm yellow makes a strong starting point for a cheerful and welcoming space. For a dramatic effect, dress up a room with yellow walls by introducing hot pink, teal blue, deep purple and lime green accents such as fringed throw cushions, floral drapery, soft shag area rugs or chintz china pieces. For furnishings, consider rustic antiques, padded headboards, tufted foot stools and painted wood – the busier the pattern, the better.
Grey. At one time, grey was considered dreary, but times have changed. This year’s “it” colour, grey – especially when used in different levels of intensity within a room – creates a chic, sophisticated look. Ideal for a bedroom or living room, charcoal walls provide a dramatic feel that can be complemented easily with paler grey furnishings and accessories. Extremely versatile, grey goes just as well with metallic finishes as it does wood, stone and ceramics, and it is livened up with shades of yellow, blue and coral.
Blue. Deep, saturated turquoise blue is on trend this year and provides a dramatic yet calming background to any room, particularly living areas and bathrooms. Paired with grey and yellow accents, blue walls make a family room warm and inviting. In the bathroom, blue goes well with brown, yellow and green to create a breezy, light and airy spa sensation. To bring out the best of this year’s popular blue, consider light grey carpet, hardwood or wood laminate for the room’s flooring.
Available in soft matte and soft gloss finishes, Sico Muse paint – a 100 per cent acrylic, low odour interior latex paint – is mildew-resistant, highly washable and durable with excellent hiding power and stain resistance, even on bold colours. Available in all colours of Sico paint, the new product can be found at more than 1,200 retailers across the country.
To learn more about Sico Muse paint, get design inspiration from top home décor bloggers, and use a leading-edge virtual tool to try Sico paint colours in your own – or sample – room settings, visit the new Sico website.