Signature Series 48" Magnetic Box Beam Level

While there are a few minor issues, the Dual Plumb Site feature makes this an awesome level that renovators and carpenters will really appreciate.


Signature Series 48" Magnetic Box Beam Level

Whether you work in framing, flooring, or finish carpentry, tile, brick or concrete, a bubble (spirit) level is an indispensible tool. That's not to say that the newest generation of laser levels don't have a place in your tool kit. But for quick and easy leveling, the trusty bubble level is hard to beat.
Two of the most common styles are I-beam and box beam levels. Both come in a range of sizes, from 16" to 96". You'll find the 24" and 48" lengths most common on job sites because they're ideally suited for such a wide variety of light to medium duty work.
Box beam levels seem to be more popular than I-beams among tradespeople because of their inherent strength, durability, lightweight, and high level of accuracy. The new Signature Series 48" Magnetic Box Beam Level (T59362) from Task Tools has pretty well all the features that you'll want in a top quality level.
The T59362 is made of high strength aluminum and its 'beam' construction provides exceptional strength and stability enabling it to withstand the rigors of day-to-day job site use. The beam-style configuration means that the level is least likely to twist or bend. Nothing short of running over the level with a backhoe is going to damage it.

Precision machined surfaces

The precision machined surfaces on both sides of the level are dead flat. A continuous edge spans the entire length, so that when you’re striking a level line the pencil won't drop into the center vial.
The body of the level is powder coated with a durable epoxy polyester finish, which provides a high level of water resistance and makes for easy cleaning.
I’m somewhat disappointed that there is no scale on the T59362. The ability to use it in place of a straightedge or tape measure would be a real timesaver.

A mite too short for full width sheet of ply
The level measures 1-1/8" x 2-9/16" x 48". However, the usable long edge (in between the end caps) is 46-1/16". Which makes it a tad short when you need to lay out a full cut line across a sheet of plywood.

Rare-earth magnets provide excellent holding power

There are four sets of three rare-earth magnets imbedded in a polymer housing. They provide excellent holding power, yet don't require you to struggle to remove the level. What I like about these magnets is that they're slightly recessed, so they won't mar a work surface.

Comfortable carry handles

Two ergonomic cushioned soft touch handles make it easy to carry and use the level, particularly when climbing a ladder or scaffolding, or working in hard to reach areas. The holes are large enough to easily accommodate a gloved hand.

Cushioned ends absorb drop shock

On each end of the level are over-molded rubber end caps that provide shock absorption in the event your drop the level - they help protect the level body and the integrity of the vials. There is a small indentation on each cap so you can hang the level on a nail.

Side pads offer additonal scratch protection

You'll also note two small pads on both ends, and both sides of the level. T
hese slightly raise the level above a work surface - about 3/32" - helping to protect the level from scratches.

Easy to read solid acrylic vials      

The two solid acrylic vertical vials, which are epoxy bonded in place, are 1-1/4" diameter, making them easy to read from a distance. Task guarantees them to be accurate to within .0005" per inch and .029°, whether used right-side up or up-side down. A raised rubber grommet helps protect the dials from damage.

Magnified, illuminated center dial

The center main dial is both magnified and illuminated for superior readability, especially in low-light conditions. If you've never used an illuminated dial before, you'll appreciate the bright LED light the next time you're working in a dimly lit room.

Cumbersome battery replacement

While I love the LED light, there are a couple of issues I have with it. The #0 screw that opens the battery cover is miniscule. Tracking down a driver small enough to remove the screw was a pain. More annoying, there is no automatic shut off for the LED light. If you forget to turn the light off you'll drain the batteries. Because of international shipping regulations, the level doesn't come with batteries.
Note: Task informs me that if you register your Signature Box Beam Level using the unique serial number imprinted on the level body, they'll send you a gift package including an extra #0 screw, a #0 x 2-1/2" Phillips screwdriver, and two AAA batteries. Plus, they'll keep a record of the level's serial number so it can be retrieved for proof of ownership in the event it's stolen and recovered by the police.

Awsome Dual Plumb Site feature

What makes the Task T59362 an outstanding level is the Dual Plumb Site®. On a conventional level you read the vial from the side, which makes it awkward to take a direct reading - you're peering around the side of the level.
With the Dual Plumb Site you stand directly in front of the level, reading the dial in a reflected mirror. This is not only a great time saver, it ensures a higher degree of accuracy in your work. Once you've used this feature you won't want to be without it.
Not withstanding a few minor drawbacks the Task T59362 is a durable, accurate level with a range of practical features. If you're looking for a top quality layout tool that will give years of reliable service, then the T59362 is well worth considering.


  • 1-1/8" x 2-9/16" x 48"
  • Dual milled aluminum surfaces
  • Accurate to within .0005" per inch and .029°
  • Magnified and illuminated main vial
  • 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials
  • Dual Plumb Site
  • Shockproof end caps
  • Air injected non-slip hand grips
  • 4 sets of rare-earth magnets

COMPANY:Task Tools
MADE IN:Israel
SOURCE:Find a Retailer
Carl Duguay, February 2012

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