Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter

Set screws to a consistent depth every time.


Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter

If you're installing more than a handful of deck screws, then you'll save a lot of time using a drill bit holder. While there are lots of different holders on the market, this is the only one I know of that is specifically designed for installing deck screws. It has some unique features that really enhance its functionality.

(A) Rubber O-ring; (B) Free spinning stop collar; (C) Adjustment ring; (D) Locking Ring; (E) Auto-Stop

At the front end of the Smart-Bit is a free spinning collar (B) that has a replaceable rubber no-mar O-ring (A) attached to it. This prevents the end of the Smart-Bit from marring the work surface. The adjustment ring (C) enables you to move the collar up or down to set the depth of drive, while the locking ring (D) locks the collar in place. The spring loaded auto stop (E) engages when the screw is set to the proper depth.

Replaceable rubber no-mar O-ring

There is no scale on the Smart-Bit collar, so you have to guestimate the drive depth. It's easy to eyeball the depth, and then test it by sinking a screw into a scrap piece of wood. You can set the drive depth so that the screw head sits flush with the surface, or is buried below the surface.

Setting the screw depth is straightforward. First, loosen the locking ring (D), then move the adjustment ring (C) to set the projection of the driver bit, and finally re-tighten the locking ring (D).

Setting screw depth is quick and easy

The Smart-Bit work with any 1" driver bit, but Starborn recommends using Torx or Phillips bits. Once a driver bit is inserted into the Smart-Bit only a small portion of the tip is visible. Removing the bit can be a bit awkward. A pair of pliers comes in handy. Fortunately, I keep the same bit installed all the time. 

Use pliers to remove the driver bit

In use, the drive depth, once set, remains firmly in that position, so all the screws are set to the same consistent depth. Because the driver bit spins within the collar, you can hold onto the collar while setting screws to improve bit driving accuracy. Once the screw is set to the correct depth the Smart-Bit makes a popping sound as the Auto-Stop feature kicks in, preventing the screw from being driven any deeper.

Screws are consistently set at the same depth

The Smart-Bit makes quick work of setting deck screws to a consistent depth, so that the end result looks great. You can also use it setting drywall screws, sheathing, and the like - anywhere you want to quicky set screws to a consistent depth.

Key Features:

  • All steel construction
  • Accepts 1" Torx and Phillips bits
  • Adjustable screw depth with auto-stop
  • Free spinning stop collar with no-mar rubber O-ring
  • Includes: T-20 Torx bit (1); T-20 Torx bits (2); T-25 Torx bit (1); #2 Phillips (1)

COMPANY:Starborn Industries
PRICE:$19.99 US
MADE IN:Taiwan
SOURCE:Manasquan Premium Fasteners
April 2014
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