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A handsome folding pocket knife with a great blend of quality, features, and performance.

SOG Flashback

SOG Flashback Folding Pocket Knife

When it comes to knives, SOG has been the brand of choice for US Special Forces and law enforcement professionals for over two decades. They also make a wide range of everyday folding and fixed knives. One of their newest models is the SOG Flashback, available in seven styles. I've been using the SAT001-CP model for the past couple of months. It's a straight edge, flat ground, drop point folding knife, with the distinction of having the fastest assisted opening blade on the market. 

The SOG Flashback #SAT001-CP

The SAT001 is a medium sized knife, 4-1/2" long (closed) and 8" (opened), weighing in at 3.7 ounces. The handle is made of glass reinforced nylon (GRN), covered with a stainless steel wrap. GRN has the benefit of high-strength, abrasion and impact resistance, and low weight. It's also resistant to variety of common oils and chemicals. The result is a durable knife handle that doesn't compromise on overall weight. 

(L) Ribbed finger grips; (R) Blade lock

The light weight, combined with it's compact size (1/2" thick by a maximum 1-1/2" width), makes this a very comfortable knife to use. The elevated ridges on the stainless steel housing, and the ribbed finger grips (jimping) on the top and bottom edges of the knife provide a secure grip on the knife, in both the closed and open mode.

The blade lock – a small lever on the side of the knife handle – is a handy feature if you have young children. The switch is innocuous enough that children may get bored before they figure out the purpose of the switch. And, the switch is probably a bit too stiff for young fingers to manipulate.

Drop point, flat ground, straight edge blade made of AUS8 steel

The blade 3-1/2" long blade is 1/8" along the thickest part of the spine, narrowing to 3/64" near the tip, making for a rigid, strong blade. SOG uses AUS8 steel for the blade. It's a commonly used mid-range blade steel in terms of quality and performance, hardened to RC 56 to 58. It offers reasonably good edge holding ability, is easy to sharpen, and has excellent rust and corrosion properties. For the metallurgically minded, it contains  0.70 to 0.75% Carbon, 13% to 14.5% Chromium, 0.49% Nickel, 0.10% to 30% Molybdenum, 0.10% to 0.26% Vanadium, and 0.50 % Manganese. 
The blade has a particularly long swedge (beveled arc) along the spine, which, I think, really looks nice. As well, the swedge reduces the weight of the knife a tad, and provides a better grip when pushing the blade back into the handle. I appreciate that the blade comes fully honed.

Thumbstud triggers SOG's assisted blade opening technology

As with quite a few knives on the market today, the SAT001 employs a tumbstud, mounted on both sides of the blade for ambidexterity, to open the blade. Pressing against the thumbstud with your thumb forces the blade open. SOG's proprietary SAT (SOG Assisted Technology) causes the blade to open even faster, by means of internal high-tension springs. The result is a blade that opens in a few hundreds of a second – almost faster than the eye can discern.

Easy one-hand closing

While you can open the blade on the SAT001 in a fraction of a second, the blade is not nearly so quick to close. The knife has a piston locking mechanism, which wedges a movable bar between the blade tang and knife handle to lock the blade in the open position. When the blade release on the side of the knife is pulled back, the bar releases tension on the tang, and you can manually push the blade into the handle with your forefinger and thumb. It's certainly effective in locking the blade into position, but not as smooth when closing the blade.

The perfect belt accoutrement

A 1-3/4" belt clip enables you to securely attach the knife to a belt or even pants pocket. The clip is attached for right handers – however if you're left handed you can unscrew the clip and re-attach it to the opposite side of the handle.

The SOG Flashback is a very nice pocket knife indeed. While the claim to being the fastest assisted opening knife on the market might give you some swaggering rights, it's certainly not, in my view, the reason to buy this knife. Rather, the SAT001 offers a great blend of quality and performance – light weight, great presence in the hand, durable blade that's easy to sharpen, super durable handle, one handed blade opening and closing, and terrific looks. With a lifetime warranty, this is a handsome pocket knife that anyone will likely be happy to own and use.


  • 4-1/2" closed; 8" opened
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces
  • Blade type: straight
  • Blade length: 3-1/2"
  • Blade thickness: .125"
  • Blade steel: AUS-8
  • RC Hardness: 56-58
  • Handle: glass reinforced nylon and stainless steel
  • Blade lock
  • Reversible Belt clip
  • Lifetime warranty

SOURCE:Dealer Search

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Carl Duguay
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