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Ultra slim, ultra light, ultra sharp, ultra fabulous.

SOG Ultra XR

SOG Ultra XR Everyday Carry Knife

MODEL:Ultra XR - Carbon & Gold (#12-63-02-57)
PRICE:$124.95 US
Length (Closed):3-1/2"
Length (Open):6-1/4"
Blade Length:2-3/4"
Blade Thickness:5/64"
Steel:Cryo S35VN
Handle:Carbon Fiber
Locking Mechanism:XR
Weight:34 grams (1.2 ounces)
Warranty:Limited lifetime
Full Specifications:Click Here

The SOG Ultra XR is one of the classiest looking, slimmest and lightest every day carry knives you'll find.

Closed, the knife is a mere 15/64" thick and weighs a trifling 34 grams. Slip it into a pocket, purse or onto your belt and you'll barely notice it's there. The slim, lightweight design is due to the use of carbon fiber scales and a very thin (5/64") yet super tough corrosion resistant cryogenically heat-treated S35VN steel blade. A titanium belt clip serves double duty as a money clip.

S35VN steel is one of the most popular premium steels used in knife making. It's heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of between 58 and 61, has about 14% chromium (enhances corrosion resistance properties), vanadium of 3% (increases strength, hardness, wear resistance), and 0.5% niobium (adds extra strength to the steel). The blade is also subject to low-temperature freezing (-300C) which further strengthens the cutting edge. In practical terms it means the blade will hold a sharp edge longer and better than many other steel alloys. It might take a tad longer to hone than other steel, but that's the price you pay for better edge retention.

This knife uses SOG's XR locking mechanism. It's activated by sliding buttons located on either side of the handle. Pulling down on the buttons releases a transverse locking bar – you can then flick the blade open with wrist motion, or you can use your thumb to flip the blade out (my preferred method). Closing the blade is just a matter of depressing the buttons and then pressing the blade downward with your index finger.

In use I didn't experience any play on the blade – it opened and closed quickly and smoothly. The blade is super sharp, ready for use. If you're a sharpness fanatic like me, you can hone the blade to bring it to a razor level sharpness. Even though the scales are quite thin there's virtually no flexing.

A lovely yet practical knife that you'll enjoy showing off as much as using.

Come on - is that thin or what!

Very cool looking, and appealingly tactile scales

Huge clip securely holds onto belt or money

The XR locking mechanismmakes it easy to open and close the blade

Ultra XR - Carbon & Gold, nice to look at, a pleasure to use

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