Akfix Adhesives

High Strength, Easy Application Premium Adhesives

Akfix Adhesives

Akfix Adhesives

TEGS TOOLS now carries the Akfix line of premium adhesives, including:

Akfix 705 Universal Fast Adhesive
Suitable for the bonding of a very wide range of materials, including acidic surfaces and some porous ones, where rapid bonding times are required.

Akfix PA360 PUR Wood Glue
Ideal for fixing and gluing wooden elements to other various porous and non-porous elements as wood, metal, concrete, and polystyrene foam.

Akfix D2 PVA White Glue Fast Wood Adhesive
Suitable for bonding wood, decorative laminates,chipboard, blockboard etc. which have limited exposure to high humidity.

Akfix E300 Waterproof Epoxy
A two component, solvent free, fast cure, strong multipurpose epoxy based adhesive. It can be applied and cured underwater. It does not shrink and is resistant to water and most common solvents.

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