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Look no further for the right plywood when building cabinets, shelving, or furniture!

Purebond Plywood

Canada’s “Go-To” Plywood for Painted Projects in the Home

Painted plywood projects are more popular than ever.
People are realizing that solid color, multi-color and more artistic treatments are easy to accomplish and can enhance whatever space they’re in, from kitchens to home offices, living rooms - even garages.
And the most convenient, affordable and sustainable choice is found at Home Depot locations throughout Canada…Columbia Forest Products’ Sanded Aspen PureBond plywood.
Grown to the FSC standard in Canada from responsibly-managed Aspen forests, these panels are held together with soy-based PureBond technology – which contains no volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde…so the air in your home won’t be at risk.
The surface has been patched and sanded to 180 grit, for easy priming then painting or sealing.  
The core is made of thick, all-wood Aspen plies, for crisp cuts and excellent screw-holding power.  Aspen cores make for a durable, yet light weight panel that’s less of a burden to carry and position, compared to options like particleboard and MDF.
Check your local Home Depot location for availability -  Sanded Aspen PureBond plywood panels are available in 4’x 8’ sizes, in 1/4”, 1/2"” and 3/4” nominal thicknesses.


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