FEIN E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN saw blade

FEIN E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN saw blade

FEIN E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN saw blade

Don't let screws slow you down

The FEIN E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN saw blade with Starlock mount features a TiN (Titanium nitride) coating that makes this accessory robust and resilient, ensuring a very long service life. Even hard and abrasive materials can be handled with ease. One huge benefit is that you can even cut through hardened screws.

Neither bricks nor hardened or high-strength machine screws can clog the saw blade thanks to the tool’s carbide teeth. The TiN metallic hardening component provides greater stability and makes the blade even more resistant to corrosion. When the blade enters the material to be cut, natural friction occurs followed by the production of heat, which may damage the blade over time. The TiN coating reduces this production of heat, greatly improving the longevity of the saw blade. This means that lasts 30 times longer than saw blades with HSS teeth and has a service life 100 percent longer than that of uncoated carbide blades.

Every time you tackle a job, it's possible that your blade will come across screws and other hard materials. FEIN developed this new blade for anyone who works in real world conditions and encounters obstacles in their materials that can't be seen.

The E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN saw blades will be available from April 2019 and fit all FEIN MultiTalent and MultiMaster models including all previous tools without a Starlock tool mounting as well as FEIN SuperCut. Generally speaking, the saw blade is compatible with most common oscillating multi-tools. The advantage of the Starlock mounting system is its very snug fit allowing for optimal transfer of torque from the tool to the blade’s cutting edge for maximum performance.

For more information on the full line of FEIN professional multi-tools and accessoris, visit FEIN.ca.

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