Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio

Specializing in the art of trees and objects made from wood

Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio

Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio

Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio was opened by Stephen Hogbin in 2016. The gallery specializes in the art of trees and objects made from wood. It aspires to show where excellence meets quality by members and others wanting to present their work. Small exhibitions show the work of Artists, designers and makers often in relationship to a Network Evening presentation. Future exhibitions include the turnings of Marilyn Campbell, the carvings of Carl Durance and in the fall, wood puzzles from the collection of George Hart, a professor of math from New York.

The other key aspect of Intersections is the studio workshop where instructors share their knowledge and experience. Pierre Ruosseau instructs the Fundamentals of Wood working and the Intermediate level woodworking. Pierre was trained as a MACHINIST spent time in the Canadian military, and is fluent in English and French. The studio classes vary from evening sessions up to a thirty hour course. Along with excellent training in fine woodworking there are also interesting objects to be made including toboggans, skin covered kayaks, kitchen utensils and jigs for the workshop. Using only hand tools with some projects, machines in others and if you are good with computers, projects with the CNC router.

At Intersections, where excellence meets quality, woodworking has never looked better and had so much potential in your hands. So plant a tree and visit intersections in Owen Sound.

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