Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio

Hand Made Objects Intersecting With Nature

Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio

Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio

There are a huge number of compliments on the pieces in the Intersections Wood Gallery. A range of wood objects that have locked up the carbon from the atmosphere into the wood. It’s such a contrast to all the vehicles passing the gallery. Some people get it that driving smaller energy efficient vehicles is the future. Caring for trees and things made from wood is also the future.

The Owen Sound region in the northern area of Southwestern Ontario has the best selection of trees from the Boreal forest, Carolinian forest, and the Great Lakes forest. They all intersect in this region with a remarkable ecology needing our close attention. The intersections of the environment, trees, wood, what we make and the way we live are embedded in all our activities at Intersections.
What are the aesthetics of the region? There are a couple of interesting examples that have emerged over the past year. Bob Hope has made a table using an erratic from the famers fence line. With a special set-up Bob is able to drill the irregular rocks precisely at different angles. The rock becomes the centre from which the structure grows and yes wood is involved in the table tops. Zachary Keeshig commissioned Intersections to make a serving tray that generates a cloud so the food seems to float in an ethereal manner over the table. Great concept Zach!

They are examples of the object intersecting with nature. There are of course many other examples of things made from wood at Intersections that will be around for a very long time. They are organic in every sense of the word. Made from the tree and brought into the culture as a living example of excellent workmanship with a unique quality and design. The projects and their aesthetic grow into the fabric of our lives. Visit Intersections this summer and to see what we are up to.

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