Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press

The World's First Smart DVR Drill Press

Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press

Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press

The model 58000 18" drill press common drill press features with state of the art technology. It's powered by a powerful direct drive 1.75 HP high torque motor with no pulleys or belts to cause vibration. The Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) direct drive motor with Adaptive Control(TM) Software works for you to produce optimum results in wood, metal, plastic and glass. The 58000 delivers constant torque under load, depth and vibration sensors and emergency stop. You also get slow start pilot hole, tapping assist with chip breaking cycle and self start functions. It comes with a 5/8” drill chuck & key, firmware USB cable, knock-out wedge, adjustment wrench and hex keys.

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